29. Jan 2015   Bildung & Uni Recht

International and Domestic Arbitration in Switzerland: Revised 3rd Edition published by Manz


Vienna. „International and Domestic Arbitration in Switzerland“ (Bernhard Berger / Franz Kellerhals), has appeared in a fully revised and amended 3rd Edition: The new book provides up-to-date information on the law and practice of international and domestic arbitration in Switzerland.

The new edition tries to provide a comprehensive analysis of all relevant aspects of international and domestic arbitration in Switzerland, addressing major issues: the concept and sources of arbitration, arbitrability, the arbitration agreement, competence-competence and the autonomy of the arbitration agreement, the arbitral tribunal, the arbitral procedure, the arbitral award, setting aside proceedings against the award and the enforcement of arbitral awards, including the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards, etc.

The book’s appendices contain additional materials, including a detailed table of cases and a translation of the provisions on arbitration of the Swiss Code of Civil Procedure and the Swiss Statute on Private International Law.

Link: Manz


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